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The Comeback Kid

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about how the St. Louis blues were in the midst of a battle for their postseason lives. That hasn’t changed, in fact the Blues currently find themselves in 8th position in the Western Conference. Tonight I was watching the Ducks-Oilers game and the announcers were talking about how Bobby Ryan changed his jersey number to #9, the number that of course used to belong to the greatest Ducks player of all time, Paul Kariya. Once one of the most popular players in the league, Kariya has become somewhat of a forgotten man over the last few years. Having been injured since November 11 with a nagging hip injury, I was wondering what his status would be if the Blues made the playoffs and I quickly found my answer. This news now makes me want the Blues to make the playoffs even more.

Here is a video of Paul in his prime set to the song Eye of the Tiger, a fitting song for him indeed. The guy is a flat out Canadian hockey hero, a great player and one of the most respectable and professional guys the league has seen. Remember when he scored that goal in the cup finals shortly after Scott Stevens had knocked him out with one his pattened cheapshots? I remember that moment bringing a tear to my eye just like this video does.

I originally had no intention of showing another video but after just stumbling across this beauty there was no way that I couldn’t include it. Here is a 3 minute montage of the Stevens hit and then the goal after. Just make sure to have some tissue ready to go. Fucking intense.



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Overrated/Underrated: Northwest Division

The mighty Dion overrated? Only the Bench Boss has the balls to say and defend something like that

The mighty Dion overrated? Only the Bench Boss has the balls to say and defend something like that

After a brief hiatus, the Bench Boss is back with his second to last installment of overrated/underrated for the 2009 season. Today we look at the Northwest division where you will find probably the most controversial of all the overrated selections. Continue reading

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Save the CBC (and Hockey Night in Canada)

Since this isn’t the proper forum, I won’t explain why I think public broadcasting has intrinsic value (though it does pain me that the CBC has to supplement its income with advertising dollars). The CBC has already lost The Hockey Theme to the private sector (though I do enjoy the new theme). Let us ensure that this is the only asset that Hockey Night in Canada loses.

From Friends of Canadian Broadcasting:

CBC’s creative people have just been through the week from hell.

The cuts announced last week will leave our beleaguered public broadcaster a shadow of its former self, especially in smaller communities where CBC is often the only option.

This is all so unnecessary, yet this may be only the beginning.

More cuts to CBC news are expected mid-April. And if Stephen Harper’s hand-picked President cannot raise enough through a firesale of CBC assets, he says that even more cuts will be required.

But there is a glimmer of hope. I urge you to join with me to stoke it.

Viewers and listeners have been outraged by the events of the past week. We have bombarded our MPs with calls, letters and emails demanding action. A storm of protest has erupted in the House of Commons as a result, and the government is under intense pressure to prevent the announced cuts.

Please join with me to turn up the volume by sending a message to the Prime Minister today demanding action.

There is a simple and inexpensive solution to CBC’s funding shortfall.

Among modern industrialized nations, Canada in near the bottom when it comes to investing in public broadcasting. The average is $80 per citizen and countries like Great Britain, Germany and Norway invest even more.

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Another Walk in the Park

From time to time, Distinct Kicking Motion has the special honour and insider privilege of being able to collect valuable tidbits of information from New York Islanders super-sniper, Richard Park.  Recalling Richard’s first post with us just over a month ago, he was dealing with the hardships of a broken collarbone injury.  Park has since returned, playing in seven painfree games so far.  In the following, Richard gives his take on the upcoming playoff picture, as it is starting to shape in each conference.

Me cereblating a big goar!

Me cereblating a big goar!

Lichawd Pawk’s Prayoff Pleeview:

Ohhh herro again.  This is favolite New Yolk Israndel prayer, Lichawd Pawk!  It is vely, vely good to be on the computel again, tawking to my many fans.  Befole I tawk about the prayoffs, I just tawk about season, okay?

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Playoff Preview

Last night’s game between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Vancouver may have set up what could be a very entertaining first round playoff matchup. After the Canucks 4-0 domination of the Hawks the two teams sit 4th and 5th in the Western Conference standings, both having 91 points. The only thing that is likely standing in the way of the two bumping heads in the playoffs is the fact that the Canucks could still pass the Flames for the Northwest division title and the third seed in the conference. Judging by the relatively easy manner in which the Canucks handled the Hawks last night in what was a big game for both teams, as well as the frusturation the Hawks showed, the Canucks would have to be considered the favourites in a 7 game series.

Here are the highlights of the 3rd periold melee that took place. Some things to watch for: Well there are a lot, starting with the obvious cause of the whole thing when Dustin Byfuglien hits Roberto Luongo. Also, watch for the WWE style take down by Ben Eager followed by some sneaky lefts by Kevin Bieksa when Eager is being held down, a head-lock by by Duncan Keith, and some nice hair pulling by Alex Burrows. Hopefully we get to see what these two club’s could do for an encore in the form of a 7 game playoff war.


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Dominic Moore is a Monster

During the Buffalo Sabres / Toronto Maple Leafs’ affair last night, former Leaf Dominic Moore (featured in Distinct Kicking Motion’s inaugural post) took on the Leaf’s prized 19-year-old rookie, Luke Schenn.

Judging from Moore’s stick-work and his ineffective punches, this guy is probably more of a lover than a fighter.  I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed seeing Moore manhandled at the end of that bout, unable to withstand even one punch from the young buck.  While Moore’s fighting ability is only slightly above Alexander Semin’s (whose video I’ve posted for comparison), I contend that Moore could use some lessons to learn how to chuck knuckles.  Perhaps, this man knows a thing or two about connecting with a roundhouse…

Yep, it certainly looks like Dom’s big brother Steve can attest to Bertuzzi’s awesome punching power.

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DKM WAGs of the Week

While we here at Distinct Kicking Motion enjoy providing readers with our humble musings and insights on the great game of hockey, sometimes we all need to step back and enjoy the finer points in life.  Sure, I could post TSN’s Top Ten shootout goals or something.  But even then, although aesthetically pleasing, it isn’t quite what I have in mind.  Instead, we’re dedicated to bringing you our DKM WAGs of the Week.  As the title implies, this will become a weekly column, probably posted on a Friday or Saturday in order to kick-start the weeknd.  What is a WAG, you ask?  WAG is an acronym for “Wives and Girlfriends,” as we look to spotlight the hot wives and girlfriends of the NHL’s elite (or, in Jiri Hudler’s case, not-elite-but-still-doing-pretty-damn-good-for-himself-off-the-ice).  Without further ado, here’s a look at our inaugural WAGs of the Week, with this week’s spotlight on a couple Detroit Red Wings.  Follow the jump for pics.

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