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Patrick Kane’s Mugshot

Patty Kane gets tough

Patty Kane gets tough

With the breaking news of Patrick Kane’s arrest for allegedly robbing and assaulting a Buffalo cab driver, here’s my contribution towards revealing the menacing tough guy.  No, this is not a current picture of young Patrick – but, it IS only two years old.  Seriously, the cab driver should be arrested for not being able to defend himself against a 5’10”, 175lb hobbit.  Here are links to reputable news sources reporting factual details on the arrest & investigation.


Puck Daddy:,181695

Here’s a video of Patrick crying, too:



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New Technology in the NHL

The Bench Boss got DKM rolling once again yesterday with a fun little clip from the movie Youngblood.  Although I still can’t get over Keanu Reeves’ acting ability, I’m here today with an update regarding how a small-community business can impact hockey at its highest level of competition.  Today, we look at Kingsville, Ontario – a community of about 20,000 – and home of the hottest new development on the ice, the Blackstone Flat Bottom V.  The FBV takes skate-sharpening to a whole new level, revolutionizing the way the blade of the skate is cut down.  The FBV began catching on at the NHL level last season, with teams like the Florida Panthers, Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Columbus Blue Jackets using the machine.  Word has spread amongst players and teams, and more locker rooms are expected to be equipped with these machines for the upcoming 2009/10 season.  For those readers interested, click here for the link to Blackstone’s website.  Below, here are a couple links to various articles regarding the FBV, as well as a video clip featuring the FBV on Global News.

The following link is earliest online article I could find on the FBV, posted back in February.  Still a burgeoning technology, it shows how veteran forward Cory Stillman acted as the Panthers’ guinea pig for the FBV.

This article was recently published (July 23) in the Ottawa Citizen, and acts as a nice follow up to the early article, as it discusses the results of the testing (referred to in the first article).  The article also includes comments from more players who use the technology, such as Maple Leafs’ winger Jason Blake and St. Louis forward Alex Steen.

Finally, here’s an article published a few days ago (August 1) in the Windsor Star.  Blackstone co-founder Steve Wilson discusses the results of the testing done at the University of Ottawa on the FBV.

As promised, here’s a brief video clip seen on Global News in Ontario:

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Off-Season Fun


Wow first message in a long time, sorry for that but the NHL offseason isn’t exactly an amusement park of excitement. So, instead of boring everyone with little tidbits of around the league happenings that you are sure to find out about anywhere else, allow me to just provide a quick humouress video. The following is a scene from the classic movie Youngblood, which if you’ve seen it, you’d know that the movie is a 100% accurate depiction of the junior hockey player…Some things to watch for in the scene include a young Keanu Reeves with a wonderful attempt at a french accent; apparently the first Mexican hockey player ever, with a beautiful mullet and stash combo; the hundreds of dollars that the other players have which allows them to just throw their drinks over their shoulders in order to trick Dean into getting drunk; and finally the clip ends with Dean holding up two shot glasses to his eyes in a glazed fit of drunkenness, which has of course occured over the last two minutes.

** I will find and buy that jersey on ebay one day. “It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.”

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