Rick Nash Looking Forward to Playoffs

As the 2010-11 NHL Regular Season heads down the home stretch, Columbus Blue Jackets’ captain Rick Nash is eagerly anticipating his favourite time of the year: the NHL Playoffs.  “Oh man, I’m absolutely jacked that it’s so close… so close I can taste it!”

“I love being able to sit in the comfort of my home and watch all of the teams that are actually talented,” Nash gushed.  “It’s cool to imagine myself on an NHL team that has other good players too, but I’m not holding my breath.”  The Blue Jackets, as usual, find themselves sitting in 12th place in the Western Conference and on the outside looking in at a playoff spot.  It’s unlikely that they’ll crack the top eight in the next couple of weeks.

Nash admitted that jealousy creeps into his mind at times, but explains how he overcomes it: “Sometimes, I feel a little bit of envy seeing how all of these teams are able to acquire more than one above-average player, but then again a lot of these guys are my pals from the All-Star Game, or international play on Team Canada, so the jealousy doesn’t linger.”

“They’re all super good guys.  I can’t stay mad at Sid because the Penguins’ ownership has surrounded him with a few elite players and then many other talented guys.  I went out with the Sedins one night at the All-Star game a few years back, and they’re crazy little fuckers let me tell you.  Great times!  I can’t hold it against them that Vancouver management surrounds them with a couple very good lines, and then some great role-players, a world-class goaltender… you know, all those things that we don’t have here in Columbus.”

Nash recalls his first, and only, NHL post-season appearance in the 2008-2009 playoffs.  The Jackets went down in 4 straight games to the Detroit Red Wings.  “Yeah, I wanted to get that over with as quick as possible,” Nash confessed.  “Did you see how talented that team was?  It was something special.  I really wanted to see them match up against other skilled teams because I knew it would be a great viewing experience, and I knew that our team could roll over no problem.”

Asked if he was worried about possibly offending his teammates with these comments, Nash shrugged it off.  “Nah, we’re a real tight group.  I have a bunch of them over during the playoffs to watch games every night.  We’re always talking about how cool it would be if they could be good players to, you know, help me out every now and then during our games.  Then maybe we would be on the tv in the playoffs.  But we’ve all kind of accepted that’s not going to happen here.”

DKM found out that goaltender Steve Mason had some difficulties accepting the fact that Columbus is destined for failure year-after-year.  Nash revealed that “Mase was delusional, at first.  You guys saw how hard he tried and how good he did a couple years back when we made the playoffs.  Kid was unbelievable.  I had to remind him that it would just be easier to coast, simply because there isn’t enough support here in Columbus to actually have our effort result in any success.”

“I told him I stopped trying years ago, and that he should do the same,” Nash stated.  “He took my advice, obviously.”

For his part, Mason says he’s content now no longer working his butt off night in and night out trying to make a difference.  “It’s actually quite a stress-reliever,” Mason admitted.  “Columbus is awesome because the results don’t matter.  We just come in 12th or 13th every season, draft mediocre players, add free agents who don’t make an impact, never improve, and the fans and management are just as happy as ever.  It’s great!”

Assistant captain R.J. Umberger said he loves the team dynamic in Columbus.  “Yeah, it’s pretty fuckin’ sweet here man, just totally sweet man.  Fuck man, on other teams, I wouldn’t probably fuckin’ even be that sweet, like, maybe on the fuckin’ third line or somethin’ not even sweet or fuckin’ somethin’ like that,” Umberger discussed.  “Now I’m fuckin’, like, the second sweetest player in fuckin’ town.  It’s totally sweet man.  Fuckin’ awesome.  If I get twenty goals, everyone fuckin’ thinks I’m totally sweet man.  It’s fuckin’ sweet man.”

Umberger also stated that he’s a regular at Nash’s house for the post-season parties.  Nash expects Umberger and many of the other guys around his place in about a month.  “Oh yeah, for sure I send out invites to all the boys.  I just bought a few more TVs with my All Star Game bonuses, and cashed in some advertising money after I won a gold medal with Team Canada,” Nash explained.  You know, I have these things that none of the other guys on the team have and probably never will.  Just trying to give back to the less fortunate and the less gifted at hockey”


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