Alex Burrows: “We Need to Bite More”

Following his team’s 4-0 loss in game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals, Vancouver forward Alex Burrows told reporters that the team needs to bite more; something he feels they got away from in the two games in Boston. “Through the first-two games of the series we were really on our game. We were skating fast, hitting everything in sight and biting when we needed to,” said Burrows whose biting of Patrice Bergeron’s finger in game 1 has become an on-going storyline as the series has progressed. The Canucks took the first two games in front of the home crowd but things have changed dramatically after the Bruins outscored the Canucks by a combined score of 11-1 in games 3 and 4. “I don’t know what happened in Boston. Its like we got on the plane and somewhere between Vancouver and Boston forgot to do all of the little things that made us so successful in the first two games, particularly biting. I don’t think we made one bite in either game in Boston and that is just unacceptable. We definitely need to make more of a concentrated effort on getting a good bite in every now and then. A bite here, a bite there, it doesn’t take much, but we all need to do it and we all need to be committed to doing it on a consistent basis.”


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