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Off-Season Plans for NHL Players

Well, now that the fires in Vancouver have been extinguished, it’s time for the NHL’s annual off-season to kick off.  This means you’ll be able to find many North American hockey players on the golf course relaxing with a few beverages, European players returning to their home country to be with family and to train, and all sorts of activities in between.  I mean lots of activities.  Luckily, we here at DKM were fortunate enough to get the scoop on what some players were looking forward to most in this coming off-season.  Follow the jump to see what these guys are getting up to.

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DKM Interview With Caps Star Alex Semin

If you are an avid DKM reader then you know that we are big fans of Caps forward Alexander Semin, partcicularly his interviews. With the recent hot streak that the team is on we thought it would be a good time to check in with the sniper and see just how things have turned around in the nation’s capital.

DKM: Hi Alex, nice to talk to you again and thanks for loaning us your time

AS: Problem it not be. I very enjoy talking with the DKM group.

DKM: You guys have been on quite the run lately. What can you attribute this to?

AS: Well it must be simple. Since all-star time we play much better to our standards. I return from injury to play my high level game and the young goalies block all of the pucks at them. At trade time we get the big Arnott. He is good because of being so large and nice and has big hard shoot.

DKM: You mentioned the goaltending. You guys have been getting excellent play in goal from the likes of Brayden Holtby and Michael Neuvirth. Are you at all surprised about this given how young and inexperienced they both are?

AS: At some times I act surprise but I try not to be. They are young goalie who can block the puck at their best and help us win game. In practice shooting they even stop me sometimes. I have one of best shoots in league and look for it always.

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Alexander Semin’s Playoff Preview- Western Conference Quaterfinals

Fresh off of scoring his career best 40th goal yesterday in the Capitals regular season finale, star forward Alex Semin was kind enough to give his predictions for the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

1. San Jose vs. 8. Colorado

I don’t give Avalanche team much of a chance in this time. Sharks choke up most often in playoff but they are much better in this year. Colorado provide very young players with not enough time in playoff. Sharks in 5

2. Chicago vs. 7. Nashville

Nashville tries to be good but often find themselves to lose. They have dangerous team but not enough of the talent to beat the deep-end Chicago’s.  Hawks in 5

3. Vancouver vs. 6. Los Angeles

This should be a close call series. The big Luongo can sometimes let in lots of bad goal. I score on him so easily all the time and feel bad. I look to feel the pass, but mostly shoot.  Canucks in 7

4. Phoenix vs. 5. Detroit

Detroit seems to have all the strength once more. Coyotes have better goalie but it will not help them in time to savour the victory.  Wings in 6

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Q and A With Alexander Semin

My Time For Russia

It was tough Olympic tournament for the Russian national hockey team that ended with a disappointing loss in the quarterfinals. After being considered heavy favourites for gold, the mighty Russians never even got the chance to play for a medal and left a hockey crazed country in turmoil. Alex Semin, one of the top guns on that superstar loaded team spoke to DKM on his flight back to Washington after a 3-1 win over the Sabres Wednesday night. Continue reading

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Snipe of the Year

If there is a guy with a better shot in the NHL than Alex Semin I’d like to know who it is. I used to to think Kovalchuk had the best release but i’ve changed my mind. The way Emery barely even moved his glove before the puck was in the net is like the equivalent of a guy getting blown away by a 100 MPH fastball. Check out this shot that turned out to be the game winner in a thriller between the Capitals and the Flyers last night.

***Little tip for Bruce Boudreau. You might wanna quit trying to find balance and just leave the Backstrom/Ovechkin/Semin line together because it is probably one of the best lines in the history of hockey.


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Searching for Alex Semin



It has been reported this morning that Capitals forward Alexander Semin did not take part in the morning skate leaving many to question if he will be in the lineup for game 6. http://washingtontimes.com/weblogs/in-the-room/2009/may/08/semin-missing-from-skate/. Even though Semin has been pretty much a ghost in this series, if you are Bruce Boudreau how could you possibly sit one of the most talented players in hockey in an elimination game? Although there will be no word on Semin’s status until game time approaches, we here at DKM were lucky enough to catch up with the much maligned Russian yesterday for a one-on-one interview.  Earlier in the year Semin granted us an interview after scoring an OT winner against the Bruins and was on cloud nine, this time his feelings are a little different. Continue reading

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Dominic Moore is a Monster

During the Buffalo Sabres / Toronto Maple Leafs’ affair last night, former Leaf Dominic Moore (featured in Distinct Kicking Motion’s inaugural post) took on the Leaf’s prized 19-year-old rookie, Luke Schenn.

Judging from Moore’s stick-work and his ineffective punches, this guy is probably more of a lover than a fighter.  I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed seeing Moore manhandled at the end of that bout, unable to withstand even one punch from the young buck.  While Moore’s fighting ability is only slightly above Alexander Semin’s (whose video I’ve posted for comparison), I contend that Moore could use some lessons to learn how to chuck knuckles.  Perhaps, this man knows a thing or two about connecting with a roundhouse…

Yep, it certainly looks like Dom’s big brother Steve can attest to Bertuzzi’s awesome punching power.

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