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Vancouver Canucks Say They Definitely Want To Play The Tampa Bay Lightning In Stanley Cup Finals

Luongo's reaction when asked which team he would rather face in Cup Finals

When asked who they would prefer to play in the next round, the team being confronted with the question usually takes the easy route and says that it doesn’t matter who they play because both teams are equally good. The Vancouver Canucks chose to answer the question differently saying that they absolutely hope to play the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Stanley Cup Finals which begins next Wednesday. Tampa faces the Boston Bruins tonight in game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals and Canucks players will be watching and cheering for the upstart Lightning to come away with a victory. “Oh yeah we definitely are hoping that the Lightning can win tonight. We would much rather see them in the finals because they just don’t pose as many problems as the Bruins do,” said captain Henrik Sedin. “Boston has some big, tough forwards who love to play a physical, grinding game and then of course they have Chara on the back-end and he is just a nightmare to play against. And then there is a pretty big difference in net too.”  Continue reading


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Canucks Players Off To Rocky Start With Lapierre

Newly acquired Canucks forward Maxim Lapierre has been known as one of the league’s biggest pests so it should be to no one’s surprise that he had his fair share of run-ins with his new teammates. DKM asked some Canucks players to talk about their past experiences with Lapierre and as you will see, it might not be all that easy to forgive and forget:

Henrik Sedin: I was lined up at a faceoff with him this one night in Montreal and he starts going at me. I don’t remember exactly what he said but it was something along the lines that I should go give my brother a panty job and an old fashioned, whatever those are.

Roberto Luongo: There was a big scrum in the crease and he ended up being pushed on top of me. He must have been there for a good 20 seconds and the whole time he was digging in at my junk and saying “you like that Lu, you like that? Yeah you fucking like that don’t you Lu.” I said no I don’t like that and then he whispered to me his cell phone number. Awkward.

Kevin Bieksa: Asked me from the bench where the best food and night-life in the city is, but I was never able to tell him. Now that he is on my team I will be able to tell him and maybe even take him to see for himself…so that is good atleast.

Alex Burrows: Every time we play it gets pretty nasty between us. I mean neither holds anything back. I gave him a pretty good little butt-end one time to which he responded by saying that after the game he would get even by fucking my girlfriend, sister, mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa with the biggest black dildo he could find.

Alain Vigneault: H’after he got a four-minute double-minor, Hi’ laughed h’at him and said good job costing your team da’ game you h’idiot.

Daniel Sedin: Told me I was gonna get the best panty job and old fashioned I’ve ever had after the game.

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Henrik Sedin: “I Won’t Win the Art Ross Trophy Without My Brother”

Henrik Sedin, who currently leads the NHL in scoring says he will refuse to win the Art Ross Trophy unless his brother Daniel can win it with him. The Vancouver Canucks centre leads the NHL with 65 points, one point ahead of the Sharks Joe Thornton and two ahead of Pittsburgh superstar Sidney Crosby. Sedin admits it would be nice if he could end up with the most points in the league, but says he will not accept the trophy unless his brother also is named as a winner. Continue reading


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